Spa series (scalp care)

Scalp travel kit 30mlx4pcs

Model No. FP100028
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*The different effect depend from person, please consult professional doctor for detail*

Scalp travel kit   <30ml*4pcs>

-Eucalyptus Scalp Scrub Gel: Eucalyptus is extracted by plant factor, it can remove old horny on scalp,  and soothing the treatment by Marigold, organic licorice and witch hazel extract. It helps to balance oil and water, imporve odor from greasy scalp then maintain a healthy scalp.

-Wild Lime Scalp Cleanser: It comtaining lemon, orange and rosemary essential oil. Those ingredient can help to purify scalp and improve a excess oil scalp. The joyful smell leaving you relax and soothing feeling. Also, it makes your hair volumizing. 

-Moisturizing Shampoo: A gentle shampoo to clean dirty hair thoroughly, it won't make hair itchy and dry after washing it. The product contain calendula, chamomile and green tea. It just like to do a hair treatment while cleansing hair. 

-Nourishing conditioner: It contain Thyme extract, B5 and B6 which can improve hair luster. Also, improve static electricity during winter, leaving hair smooth and shiny.